Congratulations to CPRS Toronto’s newest APRs


by Kathleen Garrett
CPRS Toronto Accreditation Chair

The results are in and CPRS Toronto officially has four new APRs. Four members of our society successfully completed the requirements for becoming accredited members of CPRS in 2012. They join 17 other public relations professionals across the country, bringing the total number of accredited members to 480.

CPRS Toronto members who became accredited in 2012 include:

The board of directors of CPRS Toronto congratulates and applauds these new APRs for taking the time and effort to commit to their professional development and the practice of public relations in this way. Fellow accredited members are proud to welcome you to the growing list of APRs in Toronto and across Canada.

Accreditation is the highest global professional standard of excellence in public relations. The APR designation demonstrates your knowledge, experience and ethical judgment in PR, confers credibility, and signifies longevity in the profession. Employers and clients hiring APRs are getting leaders in public relations that are recognized in and outside of the profession.

The presiding officer of the National Council on Accreditation, Nancy Hutton, APR, says “Becoming Accredited in Public Relations is a significant milestone in the career of a communications professional. It proves a deep commitment to the profession and is a symbol of leadership within the public relations community.” From a personal perspective, she reflects that the accreditation process “provided a unique opportunity to self-assess and validate my own knowledge and skills as a practitioner. The CPRS accreditation process was definitely a worthwhile venture for me personally and provided many benefits to my corporation.”

To become accredited, a candidate must engage in specialized studies, pass rigorous written and oral examinations, and submit a detailed work sample. 2013 accreditation candidates are hard at work preparing their work samples right now, for an April 1st deadline.

To qualify for the accreditation process, a candidate must have earned a solid reputation of integrity and high ethical standards while completing a minimum of five years of full-time employment in public relations. The application deadline is December 1 each year. If you think you might be interested in pursuing accreditation next year, check out the self-assessment tool or contact me directly.

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