Student Steering Committee Profile: Arden Bagni, President


Meet your 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee!

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting profiles of CPRS Toronto’s 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee. Stay tuned for more!


Arden Bagni, President
Humber College, Bachelor of Public Relations, Fourth Year

Welcome to our new, updated student blog. I’m very excited to be your new Student Steering Committee president this year! This will be my third year with CPRS, having been a student representative and then vice president previously. I am originally from Calgary and moved to Toronto to pursue a career in PR outside of the oil and gas industry (and fell in love with the city in the meantime!)

Do you have any other post-secondary education?
I attended University of Calgary for one year in the Communications program and realized it wasn’t for me. The program wasn’t specific enough and I felt a more hands-on education was what I needed.

What do you enjoy most about being on the SSC?
I love being able to meet so many new people! Throughout the year I meet students, professionals, new grads and others looking to break into PR. It’s great to see the camaraderie between everyone in the industry.

What are you most excited for this year?
I have to say our Passport to PR event. This is one that all students get excited about, and planning it is a rush. I’m also excited to announce that we will be running a second Passport to PR event in the spring, so stay tuned!

What event did you enjoy the most last year?
Although I enjoy every event we hold, I love Building Media Relationships because it always surprises people. Forging relationships with media is such an important aspect of PR, and I think it’s beneficial for students to learn about it firsthand.

Have you interned anywhere?
I just finished up my four-month internship at Global News. I was able to work right in the newsroom in the middle of all the action! I learned so much about the media landscape and wouldn’t have changed my experience for anything.

What is your dream job?
Eventually, I want to work for a brewery. I am always told that is a very “specific” area, but I think it’s good to have specific goals. I love a good brew, but more importantly, I think breweries need to begin targeting women and I would like to be a part of that.

What do you do outside of school?
Lots of work for CPRS! I also enjoy reading (just finished working my way through the Game of Thrones series), cooking and exploring Toronto with my friends.

Something random about me:
I once got lost on a hike in the woods in Banff and had to use the setting sun and a topographical map to find my way back. Prior to the hike I was terrified of spiders, but after “bushwacking” to find my car, I found I didn’t care that there were dozens of spiders nesting in my hair – I was just glad to find civilization!

Find me on:
Twitter: @ardenbagni

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