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Cole Douglas, VP External
Humber College, Bachelor of Public Relations, Fourth Year

Welcome to our blog where many students – like yourself – will contribute experiences and tips we’ve learned along our PR journey. I have been involved with CPRS’ Student Steering Committee for three years, with this being my second year as VP External. I come from the Ottawa Valley (Renfrew to be exact) and moved to the bustling Toronto metropolis six years ago.

Do you have any other post-secondary education?
For three years I trained at St. Lawrence College in their Musical Theatre Diploma, which lead me to Toronto’s performance industry. After working in the musical theatre industry for a few years I decided to transition into the wonderful world of communication.

What do you enjoy most about being on the SSC?
Being a part of the SSC allows you to not only meet many different PR professionals, but gives you the opportunity to be exposed to the different sectors of communications. Whether you are meeting an individual taking their undergrad in corporate communication or you are connecting with a crisis management specialist at an event, there are always opportunities to learn new things.

What are you the most excited for this year?
I am most excited about our Building Media Relationships event. This annual event is where we bring in a panel of three PR professionals and corresponding journalists from that industry to talk about the importance of media relations. I am very passionate about the media side of PR and find this event very beneficial to any young practitioner eager to understand the concept of building critical media contacts.

What event did you enjoy the most last year?
I really enjoyed our Passport to PR event where we took groups of students into various PR offices throughout the city. Last year’s event was such a success it sold out in less than 24 hours and the event hashtag trended on Twitter twice that day! If you are considering attending this event, I would suggest following @CPRSStudents on Twitter to gain up-to-date information on registration before tickets are sold out.

Have you interned anywhere?
I have had a few internships during my studies. I’ve done PR internships at:
• Humber College’s Student Recruitment office
• North Strategic
• Strategic Objectives
• APEX PR Inc.
Each experience has been different providing me with new skills to add to my PR toolkit.

What is your dream job?
From PR agency heavy internship opportunities in the past, I know that I want to pursue this part of the industry. My ideal job would be to run my own PR agency one day where I get to work with colleagues that are like-minded and clients that I love.

Something random about me:
The year before I decided to go back to school to pursue PR I was a lead singer on a Japanese cruise ship where I had the opportunity to perform on an eight-month world cruise. I was able to visit every major city in the world and the exposure to the various cultures really added to my life.

Find me on:
Twitter: @coledouglas7

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