Event Post: CPRS Toronto’s Annual Open House


CPRS Toronto’s annual Open House – October 15, 2014

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CPRS Toronto opened the new year with a bang at the annual Open House. Held at the Bedford Academy in downtown Toronto, students, professionals, members and non-members alike came together.





Katryna Fernandes, a Student Representative on CPRS Toronto’s Student Steering Committee, writes about her first experience at a CPRS event:

“A first-time CPRS member and a fairly new addition to the PR community, I was excited and nervous for my first networking event at the Open House. I had the pleasure of chatting with a few industry professionals and each conversation had me in awe of the many available opportunities I have as a student entering the industry. Chatting with these professionals from a variety of backgrounds really opened my eyes to the many career paths available, and showed me how close-knit the CPRS community really is.


“As a member of the Student Steering Committee, a really cool aspect of attending was meeting other student members, many also newbies like myself. I enjoyed the stimulating discussions with other post-graduate students comparing our programs, ambitions and interests inside and outside the industry. It was also great receiving feedback on the committee’s upcoming event, Passport to PR. By the sounds of it, many students are really excited to explore Toronto’s PR scene, and get a grasp of what they may be interested in.

“Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Open House. Everyone at CPRS is extremely friendly and I am thrilled to be a new member of this community!”




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Jessica Orchard, a recent graduate, gives us her account of her first CPRS event:

“My degree and certificate in Communication Studies tell me I am a professional communicator, but these two pieces of paper don’t boost my confidence and invigorate my soul the way a gathering of CPRS members can!


“My professors at Seneca College urged me to sign up as a member with the CPRS at the beginning of our program. They highlighted the many benefits of getting involved with a society of other professionals, or as Ashley refers to them in her tweet as ‘awesome perks!’


“Although I am more of an introvert, I attended the Open House on my own. I was slightly apprehensive when I arrived, but my attitude quickly shifted. The speeches didn’t begin immediately, giving me time to network. Networking can seem daunting if you aren’t used to it, but it wasn’t hard since everyone offered their hand and name as soon as I looked at them.

“An example of how welcoming the CPRS Toronto members are can be seen in the following tweets from Hilary and Cole.


“I had the pleasure of meeting them at the event, speaking to them about their experiences and discussing my goals. Hilary and I share a hometown outside of Toronto, which made her insight of finding work in the city very valuable! When I mentioned I am most interested in working in the non-profit sector, they were quick to introduce me to other CPRS members who currently work in that industry. It was incredible to see how much the other CPRS members cared about my success.

The saying “you get what you give” does not apply to the CPRS. The fact is that you get more than you give! My initial plan was to show up for an hour or two and then leave, but I lost track of time and stayed until 10 p.m. when almost everyone else was gone. The CPRS members reinvigorated my passion for communication, offered useful advice, and have opened up new opportunities for me. Now that I’ve finally been to my first CPRS event, I cannot wait to attend the next one!”

What was your favourite part about CPRS Toronto’s Open House this year?

















Katryna Fernandes is a Student Representative on CPRS Toronto’s Student Steering Committee. She is a student in Centennial College’s Corporate Communications Post-Graduate Certificate program. Find her on:

Twitter: @_katiefernandes

Jessica Orchard is a recent graduate from Seneca College’s Corporate Communications Post-Graduate Certificate program. Find her on:

Twitter: @JessicaOrchard3

Photo Credit: Peter May

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