CPRS Accreditation (APR) is a respected measure of professional experience in the field of public relations recognized internationally. In Canada, the process is administered by CPRS National.  This program recognizes the dedication, energy, perseverance and competence of successful public relations professionals. To pursue the accreditation process you must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

  • You are a member in good standing of the Canadian Public Relations Society.
  • You have been employed full-time in a public relations position for at least five years; and
  • You spend at least half of your professional time involved in public relations activities.

Candidates must complete an accreditation application (due December 1st) which is available through the National Office. Examinations, offered in French and English, consist of three parts: a review of a work sample (due April 1st), a written examination and an oral examination (October).The exams are designed to test the breadth and depth of a candidate’s public relations experience and ability.

For more information on CPRS Accreditation (including full benefits and application instructions) click on the link below. Or, to discuss your interest in becoming accredited, contact the Accreditation Chair on the CPRS Toronto board.