CPRS Toronto members are able to find work, keep up with changes in practice, make business connections, learn new skills, access professional resources, earn recognition for excellence in public relations practice, attain the Accredited Public Relations® professional designation, and participate in meaningful leadership roles that advance the profession.

CPRS Toronto members work exclusively in public relations, in all areas of practice. We view public relations as a management function, hold each other to high standards of practice, and take continuous professional development seriously.

We are actively engaged in setting standards for public relations education, recognizing excellence in public relations practice and advancing the profession in our society.


CPRS Toronto offers a variety of membership opportunities to communications professionals and those who aspire to make a career in public relations. In keeping with its bylaws, the CPRS Toronto membership categories are

FULL  Toronto + National      Any individual employed in public relations or teach or administer a public relations course, or possess a diploma, certificate or degree in public relations. Membership fee is $484.77 AFFILIATE    Toronto + National      Any individual employed full-time in public relations for <2 years.  After two years of membership at the Affiliate level, the member would be required to renew as a full member. Affiliate membership fee is $248.04 AFFILIATE  Toronto  Any individual new to full-time or part-time public relations practice that graduated from a CPRS-recognized education program within the <3 years. Toronto Affiliate Membership fee is $129.95
STUDENT  Toronto   Any full-time or part-time student currently enrolled in a CPRS-recognized education program, or any affiliate, full or retired member returning to full- or part-time studies in a CPRS-recognized education program.

Student Membership fee is $50.85

Student Graduate Fee is $62.15

RETIRED   Toronto + National   A former Full member of CPRS Toronto that is retired from full-time public relations practice ASSOCIATE   Toronto + National  Any individual not employed full time in public relations, or is employed in functions partially related to public relations. Associate membership fee is $484.77


A cheque payable to The Canadian Public Relations Society, Inc., or credit card information covering the initiation fee, National and Member Society dues and applicable GST/HST must accompany the application.

Please note that CPRS membership is by annual subscription and is non-transferable. Membership dues (including any applicable initiation fee) are non-refundable.


CPRS Toronto members enjoy all of the benefits you would expect from a large professional association.

In fact, as the second largest member group in the national CPRS network, CPRS Toronto members have more opportunities than most to network, learn, and grow.

In addition to numerous career-building benefits, CPRS Toronto provides many practical member service.

Member benefits by member category


It’s easy to apply for membership with CPRS Toronto.  Select the member application below that’s right for you and submit your completed application to the CPRS Toronto office, along with payment.

Full (Toronto + National)
Affiliate (Toronto + National)
Affiliate (Toronto)
Student (Toronto)
Recent graduate (Toronto)

Due to technical issues – please click here  in order to process your payment for student/graduate memberships.

Retired (Toronto + National)

Associate (Toronto + National)

Individual Member (National)

Deliver your completed applications along with payment to:

The Canadian Public Relations Society Toronto Inc.
1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801
Toronto, ON
M5E 1W7
Tel: 416-360-1988
Fax: 416-369-0515

All membership applications are acknowledged and processed promptly by the CPRS Toronto office. Eligible new members are welcomed by email and mail, and are provided with personal login information that enables immediate access to members-only news, resources and services.


Annual dues are payable upon receipt of renewal notice. All members are sent a renewal notice covering National dues, plus dues established by their Member Society plus applicable GST/HST. National dues are established by the Board of Directors and ratified by Members at the Annual General Meeting. Member Society dues are established by the Member Society concerned.

Please note that CPRS membership is by annual subscription and is non-transferable. Membership dues (including any applicable initiation fee or administrative penalty) are non-refundable.


We can help! Simply e-mail the CPRS Toronto office for assistance or call 416-360-1988.

Welcome to CPRS Toronto!