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Student Steering Committee Profile: Tysha Campbell


Meet your 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee!

Over the next few months, we will be posting profiles of CPRS Toronto’s 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee Student Representatives. Stay tuned for more!


Tysha Campbell, Student Rep
Humber College, Public Relations Postgraduate Certificate

Starting my journey at Centennial College and being a part of the Bachelor of Public Relations Management program has taught me a lot. Being able to also be a part of the CPRS Student Steering Committee has been the cherry on top. I was very excited when I received the conformation because I realized how amazing this year was going to be. I cannot wait to make more memories and see what other opportunities this year has to offer.

Where are you from?
When I was younger I moved around a lot but always manager to stay within the GTA. My family and I have finally settled down however, and I am currently living in Oshawa.

What are you most excited for this year?
This being my first year in my program I can’t wait to actually see first hand what Public Relations means to Toronto. I was most excited for out Passport to PR event. I could not wait to get a first hands look at various PR companies and agencies that were located in Toronto. I wanted to see the creative side of the profession while meeting a lot of amazing individuals that could hopefully share their stories and inspiration with me. Overall, I’m really excited for everything that this year has to offer.

What is your dream job?
My overall end goal is to eventually run my own business. I want to be my own boss and make decisions based on my likings with shared views from people who also want to positively contribute to the PR industry.

What do you do outside of school?
I am currently apart of project fusion which involves groups of students from various programs collaborating ideas on how to enhance our community.

Tell us something random about yourself
My dad is the type of man who will drive absolutely anywhere if possible, so during our road trip to Guatemala, our car ran out of gas in Mexico. We were stopped at a bottom of a hill and there wasn’t anything surrounding us expect a lot of tall trees. I thought we were going to stranded there for a while, because the odds really did look like they were against us, that was until a man emerged out of the trees.

Despite being in a completely different country with a language barrier, and not knowing the man or the fact that we didn’t actually know where he came from, he actually ended up being a sweetheart. He pushed our car all the way up the hill by himself so we were able to get to the nearest gas station to pump some gas.

Find Tysha on:

Twitter: @teeec_xo

Student Steering Committee Profile: Katryna Fernandes


Meet your 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee!

Over the next few months, we will be posting profiles of CPRS Toronto’s 2014/2015 Student Steering Committee Student Representatives. Stay tuned for more!

Photo 2014-10-15, 5 01 47 PM

Katryna Fernandes, Student Rep
Centennial College, Corporate Communications & PR Post-Graduate Certificate

Hello! I am Katryna, but I often go by Katie. I did my undergrad at Wilfrid Laurier University and I am currently a Centennial College post-graduate student. I loved planning events at Laurier so I am really excited to be on this committee to help plan events for the CPRS Toronto students!

Where are you from?
I grew up in Ajax, ON and then moved to Waterloo for four years for university. It’s good to be back home in Ajax now, but Waterloo will always have a special place in my heart!

What are you most excited for this year?
So far, one of the best aspects about being on this committee is attending events and getting to meet other PR students from the GTA. It’s really interesting chatting with others who are partaking in similar programs, and hearing about their ambitions within the industry. I love meeting new people, so that is what I am most excited for this year!

Have you interned anywhere?
Sadly, I have not yet had the opportunity to intern in the PR industry, although I am looking forward to doing so at the end of this school year. However during my undergrad, I interned for four months in the live music industry at a booking agency called The Agency Group. It was a blast!

What is your dream job?
I would love to find a job working in the entertainment industry. Music has always been a big part of my life and it is a big interest of mine. One day, I hope to involve my passion for music as I move forward in my career.

What do you do outside of school?
I love to sing and play guitar. Performing and jamming with other musicians is my favourite activity! I am also a huge advocate for live music, and I love nothing more than being in the audience when a good band is performing!

Tell us something random about yourself
I have never seen Star Wars, and I couldn’t get through Lord of the Rings. I hope we can still be friends.

Find me on:

Twitter: @_katiefernandes

From start to finish: Centennial College post-grads plan charity events


Authors: Jessica Chong & Katryna Fernandes


Student highlight: Centennial CCPR event class


Every year, Centennial post-graduate students must plan a charity event. Groups of four to six students and are given just under two months to plan a charity event with no budget. Add a final grade to the event and the stakes are even higher.

At the Pickering campus the events management course requires students to plan, promote and execute an event. In the Durham region with a smaller population to work with and few local business and facilities, the challenge was fierce. Groups were tasked with raising at least $1,000 for a charity of choice.


Centennial event blog


Group 1: Pushing for Power

Untitled At one Centennial campus, students were working on the “It’s Time” campaign to raise awareness  for the International Day of People with Disabilities recognizing the power of disabilities. “Pushing  for Power” sought to raise funds and awareness for CAF‘s It’s Time campaign!

Promoted entirely over social media using the Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram  (@PushingForPower) the event generated coverage from the Ajax-Pickering Advertiser and Snap’d  Newspaper.

MUMBA, the Markham-Unionville Minor Basketball Association, sponsored the venue and also  provided the trophy, medals for the top three teams and reversible jerseys for players. Starbucks  and Kerry’s Pizza provided refreshments and the wonderful referees, scorekeepers and volunteers  kept the tournament running smoothly.

A total of 14 prizes were raffled, including $350 in gift cards, signed Adam Folker basketball gear,  signed Raptors merchandise donated by MLSE and tickets to the February 2 Raptors game vs. the  Milwaukee Bucks.

Every aspect of the event was sponsored or donated and all funds generated went directly to the

charity. In total $1,779.68 was raised for CAF.


Group 2: More than just a Brew

fAt the other Centennial campus, another team organized a coffee and tea tasting event at Aroma Espresso Bar at Bay and Dundas, featuring a guest speaker, live entertainment and sustainable activities centered on coffee culture. The eco-themed event showcased organic Pluck Teas with locally sourced ingredients from Niagara, Muskoka and Prince Edward County.

During the two-hour event, $1,500 was raised. These funds will directly benefit underprivileged children in local neighbourhoods through Evergreen’s children education programs.




Tips for planning your event

1. Sponsorship

 Pound the pavement early

Sponsorship takes time and a personal touch. It was a challenge finding time to visit businesses during the day with class, part-time jobs and group work. Prioritize the time because raffle and auction items can be a big incentive for some guests.

Leverage your personal network

Don’t underestimate your personal connections. One instructor, Chrissy Newton, encouraged students to reach out to contacts in their personal networks. Through a previous internship, we reached out to The Body Shop’s head office which led to an armful of products for a raffle gift basket.

2. Promotions and media relations

Aim for a mix of pre and post-event coverage

Send tailored pitches to key media. I contacted Karen Bliss, the founder of Samaritan Magazine.. While she was unable to attend our event, she offered pre-event coverage. We also reached out to media featuring community events including City Nights, BlogTO and Snapd.

Be optimistic and don’t get discouraged

Reach out to media and influencers, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back. You never know when your cause might resonate with someone. At the very least, they might give you pre-event coverage or a social media mention.

3. On-site at the event

Don’t fret over minor issues

Try to envision your event down to the nitty-gritty details leading up to your event, including raffle signage and assigning someone to take care of the band. Remain cool, calm and collected. The unexpected will happen. At our event, coat racks overflowed, signage didn’t stick well to textured walls. You can’t let the small stuff exacerbate your stress during the event.

Recruit reliable volunteers

I asked a few Centennial peers and my close university friends to help at the event. Find volunteers to help with minor setup and teardown tasks so you can focus on bigger tasks.




In total, Centennial College teams at the Story Arts Centre and Pickering Campus planned events in support of 16 organizations listed below. What other advice would you give to students planning events through school?

  • Jumpstart
  • Evergreen
  • The Children’s Breakfast Club
  • Interval House
  • Sketch
  • Red Door Family Shelter
  • Variety Village
  • Kids Now
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • Toronto Mental Health Association
  • Greenhope for Children
  • Leave Out Violence (LOVE)
  • Wilkinson Jr. P.S.
  • Canada Cares
  • Feed the Need in Durham
  • The Canadian Abilities Foundation



Photo 2014-10-15, 5 01 47 PM

Jessica and Katryna are both students in Centennial College’s CCPR program and are student representatives on CPRS Toronto’s Student Steering Committee.