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Help people check you out


Did you know that as a CPRS Toronto member (including students and associates) you’re automatically part of our online directory?

Here’s how you can customize your profile so that people get to know you better!

  1. Login in the top right corner of the CPRS homepage (hint: your user name is your email address; reset your password here)
  2. Click on “Membership Details” in top right corner
  3. Make changes to your profile and click “Update Profile” on bottom
    NOTE: Only your name, email, phone and biographical info appears to others in the directory. 

Of course, we’d rather see your smiling face instead of this guy. 

So, if you also want to add a profile picture, make sure your Gravatar account is up to date (meaning it must include the email address in the CPRS Toronto member directory). No Gravatar account? Start here

That’s it. Now anyone who is a member can see your smiling face in the members’ only directory.