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President’s message: Sunshine in February


There’s a long, uphill bridge that takes you from the green (end) of the 14th hole to the tee box (beginning) of the 15th hole. When you are walking, you really feel it in your legs and back especially on a hot day.  You’ve already walked 14 holes worth of turf which is about 5 km pulling this bag that’s getting heavier and heavier despite the fact that you keep emptying it of golf balls (see last month’s message!).

But you keep going because you love this game, and you know you’ll be sad when the 18th hole (the last hole) has come and gone. Plus, ahead of you lies the 15th…a Par 5 that doglegs left and has water around the hole. But you can par this one without too much skill or sweat and attempting that energizes you enough to continue plodding uphill till you reach the tee box.

Isn’t that the way it is with us at this time of year?  Winter has settled into the city of Toronto. Enthusiasts of warmer temperatures and brighter days hope that the season is more behind us than in front, yet we are reminded that February 1 is only half way through the season of winter. So, we look for things to keep us going like that great 15th hole.

CPRS Toronto has a great event on February 26th that is like the bright sun in a dreary season. Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS is presenting. Tisch is chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management.  Chair of the Global Alliance!  A CPRS Toronto member and chair of the Global Alliance! How cool is that for us!

The Global Alliance is a confederation of the world’s major communications industry associations.  Dan is also a Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society, and CEO of Argyle Communications, one of Canada’s premier independent public relations firms.

I heard Dan speak at the CPRS national conference and on other occasions. (By the way, Early Bird Registration for this year’s conference in Ottawa ends February 15th so make sure you register before the deadline!)

Anyway, going back to hearing Dan speak on previous occasions, it’s kind of awesome (awesome in the real sense of the word) how CPRS members like all of us share similar needs and goals of so many other PR professionals around the world.  The Alliance centers its work on unifying the public relations profession, raising professional standards all over the world, sharing knowledge for the benefit of its members and being the global voice for public relations in the public interest.

In November, Dan attended the 7th World PR Forum in Melbourne, the Alliance’s biennial event…a chance to learn from top communicators on every continent, and also from leaders of businesses, governments and civil society from around the globe.  Delegates debated the “Melbourne Mandate for Global Communication”, a new universal statement on the emerging areas of value that public relations and communication management bring to organizations, and to society.

On February 26, join us at the Globe Bistro to find out first hand from Dan if you are practising to the full scope of the new Melbourne Mandate for Public Relations and how these ideas – and ideals — can enhance your practice, counsel your clients and guide your professional development.

I trust this will be a very satisfying Par score for you – write down a 5 on the scorecard and move to the 16th completely energized.  Dan is a very engaging speaker.

I hope you can make it, and also hope to see you there!



Melbourne Mandate offers new role and value for PR



Defining an organization’s value, building a culture of listening and taking responsibility for communications for ourselves and our organizations are things we all do daily.  That’s why I’m looking forward to learning how the Melbourne Mandate will affect my role in organizational communication at Sony Canada.

On Feb. 26, Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS, Chair, Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management, will present the new Melbourne Mandate for Public Relations to CPRS Toronto Members. It is the product of a year of consultation and deliberation by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication 

At the World Public Relations Forum (WPRF) in Melbourne, Australia, 800 delegates from 29 countries endorsed this bold new mandate for the role and value of PR, identifying three emerging areas of value for the profession:

  • The definition of an organization’s character and values;
  • The building of a culture of listening and engagement; and
  • The instilling of responsibility in both organizations and individuals, reconciling our distinct and potentially conflicting duties to our organizations, our profession, our society and our own consciences.

Daniel Tisch is widely known as an international public relations practitioner, speaker, writer and industry leader. He is the Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, the confederation of the world’s major communications industry associations, a Fellow of the Canadian Public Relations Society, and CEO of Argyle Communications, one of Canada’s premier independent public relations firms.

Daniel’s presentation will shed light on ideas raised during the WPRF, for example:

  1. Benchmark your organization: PR and communication professionals can use the concepts in the Mandate – and tools such as the ‘integrity index,’ which measures an organization’s adherence to its own stated values – to benchmark PR practices within their own organizations
  2. Talk with managers: The Mandate can be the basis for a discussion about the role of PR with senior executives and managers from other disciplines. The core question for exploration is whether the organization is using PR in a truly strategic way
  3. Plan professional development: PR and communication professionals can consider the individual skills and organizational capacities needed to implement the Mandate in their organizations – and incorporate them into professional and organizational development plans
  4. Advocate: The conference urged the world’s professional associations to officially endorse the Mandate and use it as an advocacy tool to make the case for public relations at the local, national and international levels

The Argyle Communications blog shares how other well-known PR thinkers have responded to the Melbourne Mandate, beyond 800 delegates who participated in the WPRF in November 2012.

Join us on Feb. 26 to discuss how the Melbourne Mandate can enhance your PR practice with CPRS Toronto Members – register here.

A new global mandate for the public relations profession


At the recent World Public Relations Forum in Melbourne, Australia, public relations leaders from 29 countries identified three emerging areas of value for public relations and have issued a new ‘mandate’ for the profession.

The Melbourne Mandate speaks to the role of public relations in defining organizational character, building a culture of listening and engagement, and instilling responsibility in organizations and individuals.

Are you practising to the full scope of the mandate? Can the mandate be used to guide your professional development, enhance your practice, or inform your clients?

To help CPRS Toronto members grapple with these and other professional ideals, we’ll be bringing you the idea guy behind the Melbourne Mandate in the New Year.

Watch this space for details of our February professional development event with Daniel Tisch, APR, FCPRS, Chair of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management. You can also read Daniel’s reflections on the release of the mandate.

Is the Melbourne Mandate relevant to your practice? 

New mandate speaks to our collective corporate social responsibility


The three pillars of the Melbourne Mandate.

The world of PR will soon have a new mandate to shape the organizational role and responsibilities of public relations professionals. 

As part of the advance preparations, three working groups have been hard at work studying the issues and preparing the draft mandate for presentation and debate at World PR Forum 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

  1. Organizational character
  2. Listening
  3. Responsibility

The new Melbourne Mandate picks up after the 2010 Stockholm Accords and is expected to be released later this month.

Watch this space for news that the final document is available and be among the first to share this guide to best practice with colleagues.