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Storify: March 2 LinkedIn for Corporate Communicators


Kathleen Kahlon

In case you missed it, below are some of the highlights of the March 2, 2015 event with Kathleen Kahlon @KathleenKahlon of LinkedIn where she shared

  • how to promote your brand by optimizing your LinkedIn profile,
  • create compelling content to engage your network, and
  • craft a company page that people will want to follow.


Storify: Building Media Relationships


Missed our March 11, 2013 event? Here are some highlights from the panel discussion:

CPRS Toronto’s Building Media Relationships event

March 11, 2013

Storified by CPRS Toronto· Mon, Mar 11 2013 19:41:07

Can’t wait to hear from the panel tonight! @CPRSStudents #BuildingMediaRelationshipsCheryl Heisler
At #BuildingMediaRelationships! http://pic.twitter.com/wi5Z6zQVW6CPRSToronto Students
Our lovely panelists #BuildingMediaRelationships http://pic.twitter.com/DrZUV2wRNfCPRSToronto Students
Always tell media the truth even if you don’t like it. The truth will always find you. #WordsofWisdom #BuildingMediaRelationshipsCPRSToronto Students
@CPRSStudents great insight so far for relationships between journalists and PR practitioners #buildingmediarelationshipsKristina Karabassis
A quote should stand out. You only get one opportunity. Quotes are worth taking the time. #BuildingMediaRelationshipsNoah Gomberg
Sometimes a news release isn’t necessary for a pitch. A well-crafted message can be more beneficial #BuildingMediaRelationshipsCPRSToronto Students
"Own what you do know." – Tara Wood at @CPRSStudents #buildingmediarelationshipsNatalia Banoub
Anything after a third email is obnoxious. Avoid being a nuisance #HumberPR #BuildingMediaRelationshipsChristian Llano
"If it doesn’t sound like someone said it don’t use it." Quoting Huma Pabani on writing quotes. #BuildingMediaRelationshipsPeter Onate ツ
learned a ton about pitching and storytelling at @CPRSStudents’ #buildingmediarelationships panel tonight #humberprAlison Mowat
Thanks to @CPRSStudents for hosting #buildingmediarelationships. A very informative night with great panelists!Greg Fast