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New feature: Your chance to show and tell


There’s a game called “one-sentence summary” that some teachers play with their students. Basically it challenges students to summarize “who did what to whom, when, where, how, and why?” in a succinct statement.

We’re launching a regular feature in our New Perspectives blog asking you to tell us what you’re working on. It may be because you have a call to action that you want others to know about or maybe you just want to tell people about the really cool thing you’re working on.

We just have two rules for Show and tell:

  • You must be a CPRS Toronto member to play
  • Your submission is not award-winning yet, because we want active campaigns (But it totally may be in the future.)

Here’s how to play:

  • Answer the question “who is doing what to whom, when, where, how, and why?”  Include a call to action if you have one.
  • Email your response to Amie Zimon on the CPRS Toronto editorial team with “Show and tell” in the subject line.

Here’s a sample of what we mean (pretend it’s before Nov. 2):


  • Allstate is calling on high school students across Canada to submit solutions to distracted driving by Nov. 2 at justdrivecanada.ca or attentif-au-volant.ca through video, audio and pictures for a chance to win cash prizes for themselves and their schools.



Remember it’s your show and tell, so be sure to include as many links as possible in your sentence but please keep it to one sentence. We’ll also include a picture if you have one.